We offer the Glendale area reliable, fast, and excellent guitar repair service from our in-house luthier Alex Fink.

(labor charges DO NOT INCLUDE strings and parts)


We turn the thingamajigs until it sounds good.

Tuning: FREE*

Truss Rod Adjustments: $10

Acoustic Saddle Adjustment: $25

Electric Guitar Saddle Adjustment: $20

Intonation for Standard Electrics: $20

Intonation for Locking Tremolos: $30

Balance Tremolos: $20

*Auto Harps and other harps have a $10 minimum charge

RESTRINGS Includes general clean and polish, tighten down hardware, and tuning.

Single Strings: $2 ea.

6-String steel string, non-locking electric, and electric basses: $10

Banjos, Mandolins, and Ukes: $10 12-Gtring Guitars (acoustic or electric): $20

Nylon String Guitars: $20

Locking Tremolo System Guitars: $30 (includes balancing of bridge – same gauge strings)

Polish and Conditioning of Fingerboard: additional $10


Include: -Restring -Clean and Polish -Fret Polishing -Condition Fingerboard (excluding maple fingerboards) -Tighten and adjust all hardware -Set and clean nut slots -Set string height -Adjust Saddle Height and Radius -Adjust Trussrod -Check/Set Intonation -Adjust Tremolo -Check Electronics -Balance Pickup Height

Standard Electric Guitars and Basses: $50

Acoustic Guitars, Steel String or Nylon: $50

12-String Guitars Electric or Acoustic: $60

Electric Guitars with Locking Tremolos: $70


Fill and/or Re-cut Nut Slots: $20

Repair Broken or damaged nuts: $20

New Bone Nut (includes setup): $80

New Nut for 12-strings (includes setup): $90

New Bone Saddle (includes setup): $80

New Nut and Saddle together (includes setup): $100

HARDWARE INSTALLATION   Install Strap Buttons: $5 ea.

Tuner Installation: $20 and up*

Tuner Installation with reaming: $40 and up*

*includes restring, additional $10 charge for 12-strings, nylon, and locking tremolos

Replace Pickguards pickguards with electronics (i.e. stratocasters, jacksons, jazzmasters): $20

pickguards without electronics (i.e. telecasters, acoustics, les pauls): $10


Resolder Broken Wires: $20

Resolder Wires Under Pickguard: $30

Replace Jack: $10

Replace Pot: $20

Each Additional Pot: $5

Replace Switch: $20

Install Custom Switch: $40 and up

Pickup Installations:

Standard Pickups: $40

Each Additional Pickup $10

Install Acoustic Pickup System: $60 and up

Install Endpin Jack for sound hole pickups: $30

Body rout for pickups or other electronics: $40 and up

Hollowbody Guitars all have and additional $20 charge


Standard Fret Level/Dress/Re-Crown: $100

Fret Level/Dress/Re-Crown with locking tremolos: $120

Fret level/dress/re-crowns are needed when there are worn or not level frets, and is usually a great alternative to a full re-fret of the instrument. This process ensures the best playability and intonation of your instrument. A full setup is included with all fret work

Re-Frets: When your frets are worn beyond the ability to fret level, or if you want to change the fret size of your instrument. Re-frets include a fingerboard level for non-finished fingerboards, as well as a full setup. If you are changing up in fret size, you may want to change the nut as well.

Standard Unbound Fingerboards: $300

Bound fingerboard: $350

Stainless Steel Frets: $400

Bone Nut Replacement with Re-fret: $40


Broken Headstock Repair (no finish work): $100 and up

Acoustic Crack Repair and cleat (no finish work): $60 and up

Brace Repair or Re-Glue: $40 and up

Binding Repair: $20 and up

Finishing Work is by Quote Only.

*Note: all prices are quotes, and are subject to vary depending on the instrument*   Most all repair work are covered for any additional adjustment at no cost for two weeks after initial pick-up of the instrument. Contact Sam