We offer the Glendale area reliable, fast, and excellent guitar repair and service.  From a ukulele, to an auto harp service, to an old Fender Princeton Reverb, our in-house luthier Sam Hwang can get your instrument back to your wonderfully.


(labor charges DO NOT INCLUDE strings and parts)


We turn the thingamajigs until it sounds good.


Tuning: FREE*
Truss Rod Adjustments: $10
Acoustic Saddle Adjustment: $25
Electric Guitar Saddle Adjustment: $20
Intonation for Standard Electrics: $20
Intonation for Locking Tremolos: $30
Balance Tremolos: $20


*Auto Harps and other harps have a $10 minimum charge


Includes general clean and polish, tighten down hardware, and tuning.


Single Strings: $2 ea.
6-String steel string, non-locking electric, and electric basses: $10
Banjos, Mandolins, and Ukes: $10
12-Gtring Guitars (acoustic or electric): $20
Nylon String Guitars: $20
Locking Tremolo System Guitars: $30 (includes balancing of bridge – same gauge strings)


Polish and Conditioning of Fingerboard: additional $10




-Clean and Polish
-Fret Polishing
-Condition Fingerboard (excluding maple fingerboards)
-Tighten and adjust all hardware
-Set and clean nut slots
-Set string height
-Adjust Saddle Height and Radius
-Adjust Trussrod
-Check/Set Intonation
-Adjust Tremolo
-Check Electronics
-Balance Pickup Height


Standard Electric Guitars and Basses: $50
Acoustic Guitars, Steel String or Nylon: $50
12-String Guitars Electric or Acoustic: $60
Electric Guitars with Locking Tremolos: $70




Fill and/or Re-cut Nut Slots: $20
Repair Broken or damaged nuts: $20
New Bone Nut (includes setup): $80
New Nut for 12-strings (includes setup): $90
New Bone Saddle (includes setup): $80
New Nut and Saddle together (includes setup): $100




Install Strap Buttons: $5 ea.
Tuner Installation: $20 and up*
Tuner Installation with reaming: $40 and up*
*includes restring, additional $10 charge for 12-strings, nylon, and locking tremolos
Replace Pickguards
pickguards with electronics (i.e. stratocasters, jacksons, jazzmasters): $20
pickguards without electronics (i.e. telecasters, acoustics, les pauls): $10




Resolder Broken Wires: $20
Resolder Wires Under Pickguard: $30
Replace Jack: $10
Replace Pot: $20
Each Additional Pot: $5
Replace Switch: $20
Install Custom Switch: $40 and up


Pickup Installations:
Standard Pickups: $40
Each Additional Pickup $10
Install Acoustic Pickup System: $60 and up
Install Endpin Jack for sound hole pickups: $30
Body rout for pickups or other electronics: $40 and up


Hollowbody Guitars all have and additional $20 charge




Standard Fret Level/Dress/Re-Crown: $100
Fret Level/Dress/Re-Crown with locking tremolos: $120
Fret level/dress/re-crowns are needed when there are worn or not level frets, and is usually a great alternative to a full re-fret of the instrument. This process ensures the best playability and intonation of your instrument. A full setup is included with all fret work


When your frets are worn beyond the ability to fret level, or if you want to change the fret size of your instrument. Re-frets include a fingerboard level for non-finished fingerboards, as well as a full setup. If you are changing up in fret size, you may want to change the nut as well.
Standard Unbound Fingerboards: $300
Bound fingerboard: $350
Stainless Steel Frets: $400
Bone Nut Replacement with Re-fret: $40




Broken Headstock Repair (no finish work): $100 and up
Acoustic Crack Repair and cleat (no finish work): $60 and up
Brace Repair or Re-Glue: $40 and up
Binding Repair: $20 and up


Finishing Work is by Quote Only.


*Note: all prices are quotes, and are subject to vary depending on the instrument*


Most all repair work are covered for any additional adjustment at no cost for two weeks after initial pick-up of the instrument.

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